Goa Elections 2017 Results | Exit Polls | Opinion Polls Results – AAP, BJP, Congress

By | March 9, 2017

Goa Assembly Elections 2017 Exit Poll Results, Opinion Polls and Surveys: Opinion Polls are usually conducted very prior to the elections to know the statistics or situation the political parties that which political party may win the elections, the opinion of the people are collected based on the age, gender and consistency and other factors, this is done by the different agencies or the news channels, and few conduct it online. The polls will be open to the prescribed people to vote than the data is collected. There is no exact accuracy about the opinion polls because it’s just a sample and the real turnout may be different, but sometimes the opinion polls are accurate too dependent on so many factors.

goa elections 2017 opinion polls survey

Goa Vidhan Sabha Elections 2017 Surveys: Along with the opinion polls these surveys are conducted to know the opinion of the people and few questions might be asked like “Who is the most popular CM face in Goa”, “Which Party may win in Goa”, “What are the main issues in Goa which people are facing?”, these surveys are usually conducted by the different agencies or the news channels etc. Note: EC Has Restricted Media To Publish Opinion/Exit Poll Before 9th March, So All These Polls Are Opinion Polls On This Website Conducted By Various Agencies Before Polling. Exit polls will be available on 9th March 2017 (Updates from 5:00 PM onwards).

Goa Assembly Elections 2017 Opinion Poll | Exit Polls and Survey

The elections has been completed and the Results will be available on the 11th March 2017, you can stay tuned with our website to get latest updates on the Results, if you have any question to ask you can ask in the comments section, this is the first time AAP contested the Goa polls. Opinion or Exit Polls are not exact Results it’s just kind of guess or most expected seats projections (based on the survey conducted) and Actual Results may be different from Exit Poll Results. That’s it!

Goa Elections 2017 Exit Poll Results – Latest Goa Assembly Vidhan Sabha Polls

Exit Poll Agencies AAP Congress BJP+ Others
India Today-Axis (Aajtak) 07 10 15 08
Todays Chanakya
News18 India  06  14  19  01
C-Voter 00-04 12-18 15-21 02-08
News X MRC 07 10 15 08 (MAG-02)
NDTV 04 13 17  –
Poll of Polls (Average of All) Simple Exit Poll Exit Poll Exit Poll Exit Poll

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Goa Assembly Elections Pre-Poll Opinion Poll by Kautilya

Name of the Party No. Of Seats
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) 14
Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) 11
Indian National Congress (INC) 07
Other Parties – GVP, MAG etc. 06
Independent Candidadates 02
Total 40

The above opinion poll is conducted by the Kautilya (conducted between April to July 2016), this poll says that no party is winning clear majority but any how Aam Aadmi Party winning maximum number of seats out of total 40 where as second largest party will be the BJP where Congress left out with 7 seats and other parties  like GVP and MAG including independent candidates etc. may win 8 seats. Also Check: Goa Elections Results 2017 Live on March 11, 2017 here on this website.

Goa Elections 2017: Opinion Poll 2016 by VDPAssociates

Party No. Of Seats Vote %
BJP+ 22 41.4
AAP 9 24.0
Cong+ 6 23.5
GF 2 05.0

The VDP Associates Pre Poll which was conducted in 2016, says that BJP may win a majority in Goa elections 2017 whereas AAP will be a second largest party in Goa, so both opinion polls say different, so till the election results, we can check these Opinion Polls, Exit Poll Results (on 9th March 2017 after half an hour of polling is done), Live Updates and Vote Counting, etc.

Goa Assembly Elections 2012 Party Wise Results:

Name of the Party No. Of Seats
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 21
Indian National Congress (INC) 09
Independent (IND) 05
Goa Vikas Party (GVP) 02
Maharashtrawadi Gomantak (MAG) 03
Total 40

Goa Elections 2017 Exit Poll Results are banned by the EC till all phases/elections are completed: All political parties are trying best to win the elections Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Indian National Congress (INC), Goa Vikas Party (GVP), Maharashtrawadi Gomantak (MAG) and even other parties including and this is a first time the AAP is contesting the elections in Goa as this party has already won 67/70 seats in Delhi Vidhan Sabha elections 2015.

News 24, Chanakya, ABP News, Times Now (English),  NDTV India, Aaj Tak, India Today, Total TV, India TV, CNN-IBN, Zee News, News Nation, Sahara Samay, News X these are some of the agencies and news channels which might conduct the opinion polls and surveys. More information coming soon, stay tuned and updated with us to get more information, you can also subscribe us or Follow our Facebook pages to get more information directly to you.

All political party leaders like Arvind Kejriwal, Maohar Parikar, Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi and others may campaign in Goa Elections but let us see who will win. Till then for latest updates, you can follow us on Facebook and stay tuned with us to get latest updates, do share this with your friends.

132 thoughts on “Goa Elections 2017 Results | Exit Polls | Opinion Polls Results – AAP, BJP, Congress

  1. Vshal

    For those fake dehlitans. Visit aap daily dehli. Which will help you to know wats going in dehli. Goa is clear win for aap as it is a highly educated area. Every one has clear idea whom they want to have a CM. Punjab is another clear win as bjp is out of track and aap has lots of silent voters in punjab.

  2. Indian

    I am not sure how someone can like arvind kajriwal , Just look at him what he speaks, just forget about CM he is not even a human He became famous because of Anna Hazzare and now ask Anna about Kujliwaal.
    Going in Pakistan to collect the money for election, asking for proof for surgical strike , saying anything to anyone without any proof , just getting heavy day by day by eating government food

    And you people comparing him with Mr. Modi . The PM who works 18 hours in a day for our country , who is trying his best to improve our economy , who gave us the happiness of surgical strike, All the countries in the world knows and respect about India now . Have you ever seen your notional flag on world’s most famous building “Burj Khalifa “ever, have you seen UK , Australia, NEW zealand , US ,Canada government celebrating Diwali

    He is fighting alone with all the dogs like , congress, SP, Aap,BSP, laalu, any many others

    If you even have 0.00000001 % mind then you should be able to see who is doing well for the country

    Mr Modi has made new parameters of leadership

    Jai Hind.


    Dear All
    Congress had come write from scratch to this technology no any body can talk it is not so easy
    no every party ican talk and rise the mush lets dont comment on any party

    how ever show resuilts on ground not on paper & media

  4. Cicero Fernandes

    It does not matter who wins as long as they serve the people and not rule over them.. We Indians have a wrong concept of voting.. we must vote for the individuals who will be the voice of the people … Make sure you know your candidate better .. he mite be good only to some and ignore the rest of the people …..which happens a lot…

    for now we can only wait and watch to see who will have the right to serve us and who will be the peoples voice

  5. Cicero Fernandes

    Its not like your voting for aap or kejriwal .. Goan Cm candidate is
    Elvis Gomes who has a track record of more then 12 years of clean work ethic as a bureaucrat ////


    just give anti corruption dept to delhi govt and watch the entire politics of India changing Rapidly.
    if not then just wait for punjab and goa assembly results and then check entire politics of the country CHANGING IN AAP’S WAY.


  7. goa election results

    I am Really excited for the results. Who is going to win. Hope BJP will come back.

  8. kapil

    BJP will win.

    AAP is fraud and former of AAP kejriwal is no ethics in the life. Complaint guy in the earth ..always lie..

  9. vinod Naik

    BJP – 26
    Cong – 9
    Goa forward – 2
    Independent – 3


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