Goa Assembly Elections 2017 Constituency/Candidate Wise Results MLA Winners List

By | March 11, 2017

Goa Assembly Elections 2017 Results: Here you can check results constituency wise, winner wise, party wise and number of votes of the candidate or vote margin, you will also get the Runner-up name and the runner-up party name along with the winner. The results will be announced for all parties like Aadmi Party (AAP), Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Indian National Congress (INC), Goa Vikas Party (GVP), Maharashtrawadi Gomantak (MAG) and other parties as well as independent candidates. The state of Goa has two seats in the Lok Sabha and one in the Rajya Sabha. The state has a unicameral legislature and the Legislative Assembly comprises of 40 members headed by the Chief Minister. Goa does not have its judiciary. The state comes under the Bombay High Court. A bench of the High Court is present in Panaji, the capital of Goa.

The Election held in single phase on February 4, 2017. This time probably AAP – Aam Aadmi Party has fought the Goa Assembly polls, as they are contesting the polls for the first time in Goa, and they are quite known to win 67/70 seats in Delhi Assembly or Vidhan Sabha polls. AAP is currently running a door-to-door campaign.  BJP had showers promises in its manifesto in 2012. Major Issue like petrol prices,  housewives allowance, Dayanand Social Security Scheme (DSS) pension, mining corridors in Sanguem, Quepem talukas, done new bridges, including six-lane new Zuari bridge, sewage solution for entire Goa. Now people has to decide how much was done by Current government and whom to vote for next 5 years government, it’s the choice of the people or Goans.

Goa Assembly Elections 2017 Constituency/Candidate Wise Results MLA Winners List (From Election Commission’s Website)

A/CA/C No.Leading / Winner CandidateLeading / Winner PartyTrailing / Runner Up CandidateTrailing / Runner Up PartyVote MarginStatus on 05:10 pm
Aldona10GLENN SOUZA TICLOBharatiya Janata PartyAMARNATH PANJIKARIndian National Congress4456Result Declared
Benaulim32CHURCHILL ALEMAONationalist Congress PartyROYLA CLARINA FERNANDESAam Aadmi Party5191Result Declared
Bicholim3RAJESH PATNEKARBharatiya Janata PartyNARESH SAWALMaharashtrawadi Gomantak666Result Declared
Calangute8MICHAEL VINCENT LOBOBharatiya Janata PartyJOSEPH ROBERT SEQUEIRAIndian National Congress3825Result Declared
Canacona40ISIDORE ALEIXINHO FERNANDESIndian National CongressVIJAY PAI KHOTBharatiya Janata Party155Counting In Progress
Cortalim27ALINA SALDANHABharatiya Janata PartyANTONIO VASIndependent518Result Declared
Cumbarjua15PANDURANG MADKAIKARBharatiya Janata PartyXAVIER FIALHOIndian National Congress8434Result Declared
Cuncolim34CLAFASIO DIASIndian National CongressJOAQUIM ALEMAOIndependent33Result Declared
Curchorem37NILESH CABRALBharatiya Janata PartySHYAM GOPINATH SATARDEKARGoa Suraksha Manch9088Result Declared
Curtorim29ALEIXO REGINALDO LOURENCOIndian National CongressARTHUR D’SILVABharatiya Janata Party7542Counting In Progress
Dabolim26MAUVIN HELIODORO GODINHOBharatiya Janata PartyPREMANAND NANOSKARMaharashtrawadi Gomantak2494Result Declared
Fatorda30VIJAI SARDESAIGoa Forward PartyDAMU G. NAIKBharatiya Janata Party1334Result Declared
Maem16PRAVIN ZANTYEBharatiya Janata PartySANTOSH KUMAR SAWANTIndian National Congress4974Result Declared
Mandrem1DAYANAND RAGHUNATH SOPTEIndian National CongressLAXMIKANT PARSEKARBharatiya Janata Party7119Result Declared
Mapusa5FRANCISCO C. J. A. DE PINTO E SOUZABharatiya Janata PartyVINOD FADKEMaharashtrawadi Gomantak6828Result Declared
Marcaim23RAMKRISHNA ALIAS SUDIN DHAVALIKARMaharashtrawadi GomantakPRADEEP PUNDALIK SHETBharatiya Janata Party13680Result Declared
Margao31DIGAMBAR VASANT KAMATIndian National CongressSHARMAD RAITURKARBharatiya Janata Party4176Result Declared
Mormugao24MILIND SAGUN NAIKBharatiya Janata PartySANKALP AMONKARIndian National Congress140Result Declared
Navelim33LUIZINHO FALEIROIndian National CongressAVERTANO FURTADOIndependent2478Result Declared
Nuvem28WILFRED D'SAIndian National CongressFRANCISCO XAVIER PACHECOGoa Su-Raj Party5660Result Declared
Panaji11SIDHARTH SRIPAD KUNCALIENKERBharatiya Janata PartyATANASIO J. MONSERRATEUnited Goans Party1069Result Declared
Pernem2AJGAONKAR MANOHAR TRIMBAKMaharashtrawadi GomantakRAJENDRA ARLEKARBharatiya Janata Party6030Result Declared
Ponda21RAVI SITARAM NAIKIndian National CongressSUNIL DESAIBharatiya Janata Party3010Result Declared
Poriem18PRATAPSINGH R RANEIndian National CongressVISHWAJIT KRISHNARAO RANEBharatiya Janata Party4066Result Declared
Porvorim9ROHAN KHAUNTEIndependentGURUPRASAD R. PAWASKARBharatiya Janata Party4213Result Declared
Priol20GOVIND GAUDEIndependentPANDURANG ALIAS DEEPAK MADHAV DHAVALIKARMaharashtrawadi Gomantak4686Result Declared
Quepem36CHANDRAKANT (BABU) KAVLEKARIndian National CongressPRAKASH SHANKAR VELIPBharatiya Janata Party2592Result Declared
Saligao7JAYESH VIDYADHAR SALGAONKARGoa Forward PartyDILIP PARULEKARBharatiya Janata Party2137Result Declared
Sanguem39PRASAD S. GAONKARIndependentSUBHASH PHAL DESSAIBharatiya Janata Party937Result Declared
Sanquelim17DR. PRAMOD PANDURANG SAWANTBharatiya Janata PartyDHARMESH SAGLANIIndian National Congress2131Result Declared
Sanvordem38DEEPAK PRABHU PAUSKARMaharashtrawadi GomantakGANESH CHANDRU GAONKARBharatiya Janata Party5221Result Declared
Siolim6VINODA DATARAMA PALIENCARGoa Forward PartyDAYANAND RAYU MANDREKARBharatiya Janata Party1441Result Declared
Siroda22SUBHASH ANKUSH SHIRODKARIndian National CongressMAHADEV NARAYAN NAIKBharatiya Janata Party4870Result Declared
St. Andre14FRANCISCO SILVEIRAIndian National CongressRAMRAO SURYA NAIK WAGHBharatiya Janata Party5070Result Declared
St. Cruz13ANTONIO CAETANO FERNANDESIndian National CongressHEMANT DINANATH GOLATKARBharatiya Janata Party642Result Declared
Taleigao12JENNIFER MONSERRATEIndian National CongressDATTAPRASAD NAIKBharatiya Janata Party2855Result Declared
Tivim4NILKANTH RAMNATH HALARNKARIndian National CongressKIRAN MOHAN KANDOLKARBharatiya Janata Party795Result Declared
Valpoi19VISHWAJIT PRATAPSINGH RANEIndian National CongressSATYAVIJAY SUBRAI NAIKBharatiya Janata Party5678Result Declared
Vasco-da-gama25JOSE LUIS CARLOS ALMEIDABharatiya Janata PartyKRISHNA (DAJI) V SALKARIndependent394Counting In Progress
Velim35FILIPE NERY RODRIGUESIndian National CongressBENJAMIN SILVAIndependent392Counting In Progress

Also Check: Punjab Elections 2017 Live Party Wise Results, the table of the data with Winner Name, Leading Party/Contestant name may be updated frequently time to time, you can check regularly to see any updates, after the completing counting of votes is done the entire table can be updated. Major Issue like petrol prices,  housewives allowance, Dayanand Social Security Scheme (DSS) pension, mining corridors in Sanguem, Quepem talukas, done new bridges, including six-lane new Zuari bridge, sewage solution for entire Goa. Now people has to decide how much was done by Current government and whom to vote for next 5 years government; it’s the choice of the people or Goans. Goa Elections Complete Results, Goa Elections 2017 South, West, East and North all regions (which are avaiable) results for that, AAP Goa Elections Results, BJP Goa Elections Results, Congress Goa Elections Results and many more etc.

However, regarding GDP per capita, it is the richest state in India. The Bharatiya Janata Party won 21 seats, while the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party won 3 seats, and Congress won 9 seats but let us see who win how many seats this time, AAP is also contesting the polls this time. Till then you can check Goa Elections Opinion Polls, Exit Poll Results, Live Updates, etc. You can follow us on Facebook for more updates on Elections like Goa, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Telangana, etc. Any party which shows confidence (50%+1) than they can form government in state, in case no party manages to win or show majority than there will be Governer rule till the timre-electionsns are held and this is called as the ‘Hung Assembly Situation’

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family and press CTRL+D to bookmark us to get latest updates. Stay tuned with us ‘All India Word’ for updates.The above results will be updated on the day of vote counting or the declaration of results; you can check time for time updates above on the day of vote counting. In the last 2012 elections, Goa is the smallest state in India regarding area (3,702 sq km) and is the 4th smallest regarding population.

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